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How to bid for a property

Please note

Not available until 3 August 2023

You will not be able to bid for properties until your Housing register application has been approved and made Active.

When you log in your My account page will display the number of suitable properties that you can bid on. These can be viewed by clicking on the Suitable properties tile or the Properties button at the top of the page.

For any property that is suitable prior to placing a bid you will see details of the number of people who have already bid on it, and your position on the shortlist should you place a bid.

Eligible property highlight

When applying you are told how many bids you will have left and any important information you should be aware of about the property.

Example of a bid for a property

If you wish you can make one current property your 'Preferred Property'. This does not give you any additional priority but does allow staff to understand which property you would prefer should you be near the top of multiple shortlists.

Your position on the shortlist is subject to change as more people place and withdraw bids. You can check your current position on a shortlist at any time from your My account page using the My bids tile.

Withdrawing a bid

A bid placed on a property currently being advertised can be withdrawn at any time and placed on another property.

Withdrawing a bid example

Unsuitable properties

There may be properties that are advertised that are not suitable for you based on your circumstances or needs. You will not be able to bid on these properties. If you wish to see them you need to change the filter that is set at the top of the page to show All properties.

If you are not suitable for a property then you can find out why by clicking/hovering over the button.

Not suitable example